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Medicaid Fraud Prevention Efforts Prove Fruitful

The state’s Health Care Fraud Elimination Task Force reported this week that approximately $450 million in fraudulent or wasteful Medicaid spending has been saved, prevented or recovered in Illinois over the last two fiscal years, ensuring more of the state’s much-needed health care dollars are spent on truly needy beneficiaries.

It has been estimated by the Office of Inspector General that $195 million was saved or recouped in fiscal year 2017, and $220.2 million in savings have been reported for fiscal year 2016. Also in fiscal year 2016, the Illinois State Police’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit has reported 46 fraud convictions and $35.4 million has been recovered through criminal prosecutions, civil actions and administrative referrals.

The Health Care Fraud Elimination Task Force was created in 2016 in response to the country’s multi-billion dollar Medicaid fraud industry. The Task Force was asked to  develop and coordinate a comprehensive plan to prevent and eliminate health care fraud, waste and abuse by deploying a cross-agency, data-driven approach. 

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