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Sen. Rooney reacts to passage of school funding reform measure

On August 29, Illinois Senate lawmakers voted 38 to 13 to pass Senate Bill 1947, an education funding compromise that may not be in the best interest of students and schools in the 27th District, said State Senator Tom Rooney (R-Rolling Meadows).

Senator Tom Rooney issued the following statement after floor action:

“Illinois’ education funding formula is broken and has consistently failed the students and schools of this state. However, if we’re going to take up the task of an overhaul to Illinois’ education funding formula, we have a responsibility to go about in a way that brings real reform and addresses the major inequities found throughout the system. It is critical that we do this right, listen to our districts and represent their needs,” said Rooney. “While I can applaud the efforts from both sides to work together and I believe many view support of this measure as the only path forward, a compromise shouldn’t include glossing over issues of equity and fairness.” 

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