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Senator Rooney supports compromise budget package

With the end of the Fiscal Year only weeks away, Senate Republicans joined their House colleagues to unveil a comprehensive, balanced budget proposal this week urging Democrat leaders to come back to the negotiation table, take up bipartisan compromise once more, and pass a balanced budget before Illinois enters its third-straight year without a budget.

Senator Tom Rooney (R-Rolling Meadows) issued the following statement after the Republican’s compromise package was introduced:

“Illinois’ budget impasse should have been resolved before lawmakers left Springfield on May 31, but instead the Senate-majority passed an unbalanced budget that Republicans cannot support, walked away from the table and said their work was done. However, our students deserve equity, our taxpayers need relief and our businesses need our help. Our state deserves and demands better,” stated Rooney. “This budget compromise gives lawmakers a chance to come back to the table, pick up where we left off before partisan politics took control and pass a balanced budget. We have a compromise before us that provides cost saving pension reform, equitable school funding, lasting property tax relief, real workers’ compensation reform, and a balanced budget plan that helps bring about the stability that has evaded our state for almost three years. The time to act is now, we just have to take the steps to work together and finish what we started months ago.” 

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