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Rooney reacts to Senate adjournment, pushes for balanced budget proposal

The Illinois General Assembly adjourned on May 31 without passing a balanced budget with reforms that would help end the current budget impasse. 

State Sen. Tom Rooney (R-Rolling Meadows) issued the following statement upon adjournment:

“There is no excuse for leaving here today without a balanced budget plan in place. We had the foundation for compromise in place, negotiations were under way and the finish line was in sight. Then, all of the sudden, our side was left sitting at the table with no one sitting across from us. All we got instead was an unbalanced budget and a $5.4 billion tax hike. I firmly believe that it is the duty of our chamber to pass a balanced budget proposal for this state. The time to act has long passed and the crisis facing our state won’t be fixed by repeating the same mistakes that have placed Illinois in today’s crisis. We need to come back to the table, work together to find compromise and cross the finish line with a budget package that brings real relief to this state.”

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